Work Study Employment


The work study program at Whatcom Community College provides jobs for students to assist them in meeting their educational expenses through the financial aid process. Efforts are made to provide employment related to career interests. Placement can be made in either an on campus position or an off campus position (with non-profit or for-profit employers). Students who decide that they would like to participate in the work study program should stop by the Financial Aid Office to see if they are eligible for work study funding. A work study award is only an estimate of what you might earn if you are hired, work, and submit monthly time sheets. A work study award cannot pay tuition and fees. To qualify, you must be enrolled for at least half-time (6 credits) and be a financial aid recipient.


On Campus Work Study Procedures

On campus work study position openings are posted on the display located in the Financial Aid Office, as well as online. The majority of on-campus positions are clerical, often requiring computer and interpersonal skills. In addition, there are some library, custodial, maintenance, and other positions available. Most positions range from 6-15 hours per week.

  • Determine if you meet the qualifications as listed on the job opening position announcement
  • Request an "On Campus Work Study Application" form from the Financial Aid Office
  • Schedule an interview with the supervisor as listed on the job opening position announcement (phone number and supervisor's location is listed on the announcement)
  • Supervisors will notify you if you are selected for the position
  • If hired, complete required payroll forms at the Human Resources Office in Laidlaw Center 235
  • Students are paid monthly at the current hourly pay rate of $11.16 and paychecks are mailed directly to students.


Off Campus Work Study Procedures

All off campus placements are made through WCC's Cooperative Education & Internships office. Off campus positions are available in a wide range of occupations in Whatcom County. Most positions are between 12-15 hours per week.

You must follow these steps carefully and in the exact order listed to activate your award and be placed in an off campus position.

  • Obtain an "Off Campus Referral" form from the Financial Aid Office
  • Schedule an appointment with the off-campus work study coordinator by calling 360.383.3080. Placement is first-come, first served. Appointments start mid-August for fall quarter placement. Job placements will begin in mid-September.
  • You are required to bring your current resume with you, along with your "Off Campus Referral" form, to your meeting with the off campus work study coordinator. Failure to take these two items to your appointment will result in cancellation of your appointment and rescheduling for a later time.
  • Note: If you need assistance developing a resume, schedule an appointment in WCC's Career & Center by calling 360.383.3080.


Returning Off Campus Work Study Students

Do not assume that you may begin employment at your former position. You must meet with the off campus work study coordinator to confirm your continued eligibility for an off campus work study position before you can begin working.


On Campus Work Study Job Postings  

Office Assistant for the Business Lab

Assist the Instructional Tech for the Business and Language Labs in the preparation of course materials including duplication, filing, data entry, and maintaining filing systems.  May assist in the ordering of supplies, phone inquiries to vendors, and receiving and verifying supply orders.  Assist in the Baker Hall Faculty Support Office.  Answer the telephone, handle front reception desk, give information and directions, assist with faculty support areas of word processing, photocopying, filing,and mailing.

Good organizational skills, meticulous attention to details, ability to take directions and follow through independently, and a positive and friendly attitude are essential skills of the job.  Familiarity with PC and MS Office are highly recommended.

Hours arranged with supervisor.  Prefer someone who is able to work several 3-4 hour shifts during the week for a total of 10 hour per week.  Must be prepared to work 16-24 hours between quarters to assist Instructional Tech in the preparation of the lab and materials for the new quarter.

Supervisor: Darryl Rohwer, BKR 118


 Entry & Advising Support Associate

This position will work independently and as a team player in the Entry & Advising Office and support various advising specialties for new student programs, transfer, financial aid and the Opportunity Grant scholarship. Duties will be primarily project-oriented and include administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, mailing correspondence and making professional phone calls. Other duties include support of various on-campus events such as the WWU Majors Fair, Transfer Fairs, WAVE (new student orientation) and the annual scholarship workshop. Periodic participation in these on-campus events may be required. This position may also require attending various staff meetings and supporting Entry & Advising front desk staff during busy, peak registration times and other duties as assigned.

Must be dependable and available for the times specified each quarter.  Must be detail-oriented, have good computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft Word. Experience with spreadsheets and Publisher is a plus, but not mandatory. Must be able to work both independently and with a diverse population. Must be able to take initiative, represent the college in a professional manner and have excellent customer service skills. Strong written and interpersonal communication skills preferred.

Applicants must submit a resume and contact information for professional three references.  The position is 8-12 hours per week with needed availability 9-11am on Mondays (or possibly 3-5pm), 1-5pm on Thursdays and 12-4pm on Fridays.

Supervisor:  Jessica Larson, LDC 116

Technical Services Library Assistant

Typical work includes filing, sorting mail, checking in periodicals and assisting with claims, shelving materials, inventorying, keeping collections in order, checking orders in, processing materials, typing labels, mending damaged materials, database maintenance, creating simple documents and spreadsheet reports, creating and maintaining library displays, helping patrons locate items, and performing other related duties as assigned.

Ability to follow details under both written and verbal direction, ability to remember multi-step processes, ability to work independently once trained, alphanumeric filing skills, typing 40 wpm minimum, experience with Windows 2007 and Microsoft Word, excellent sense of humor, ability to work with the public, experience with Microsoft Excel and Access, and prior library experience.

Helpful background: LIBR 100: Learning for the 21st Century (5 credits).

Supervisor: Brett Straka, HNR 301E

Ceramics Studio Assistant

There are two work study positions. Currently we are allotted eighteen hours of work study and each assistant receives nine hours of work study. Some quarters the ceramics program can obtain extra hours. This is rare and the division of these hours is at the discretion of the supervisor. As a studio assistant, the work study employee will be involved in maintaining a positive learning environment for students and community members. They will do this by supervising 8 hours a week of open studio times, and providing knowledge and assistance to students during open studio times. Assistants also help keep the studio clean, and assist in firing student work, and maintaining materials for the studio. One hour a week for each assistant is set aside for cleaning the floors of the studio.

Experience in ceramics is preferred. The job also involves lifting bags of clay, weighing up to fifty pounds. Work study students will work with instructors to establish set hours for open studio times. The studio assistant must be available to work on Saturday (at least twice a month) and on some weekday evenings.

Daily Tasks: Sinks (Classroom and Glaze room)- wipe down and scrape clay from bottom of sink, Wedging Table Scrape and Clean, Table Tops, Sweep Where Needed (Just big crumbs, wear dust mask, save the fine dust for the hose down!), Check Workable Clay Barrel (Poke holes in clay and add water if needed), Check Level of Glazes and Slips (To determine what needs to be mixed, if too thick add water), Check Wheels for big messes, When Leaving: Lock the kiln room, clay mixing room, and return books and stereo to the office and lock that. The janitor should lock the building (except on Sunday). Weekly: Wash Floors (This task can be alternated between assistants, but must be done every week. Use a hose and squeegees, and remember to get in the glaze room if it needs washing. Pick twistee ties and paper up so they do not clog the drain. Avoid sweeping anything but the largest scraps of clay. Wear a dust mask.), Check work-in-progress room (collect plastic and boards…), Check sinks for sludge (remove with plastic scraper and throw away). As Needed: Load and fire bisque and glaze kilns, Mix Glazes, Mix Slips and Washes, Sweep and Hose Outer Courtyard, Scrape and Kiln Wash Kiln Shelves, Collapse and Stack Clay Boxes, Pug Mix Recycle Clay.

Supervisor:  Rob Beishline, Roe 108

Off Campus Work Study Job Postings

There are no available off campus work study positions during summer quarter.


If interested, students must schedule a meeting with the off-campus work study coordinator through Entry & Advising at 360.383.3080, or stop by the front desk to make an appointment. Bring an off-campus work study application form, obtainable at the Financial Aid Office. Jobs range from $9-$14 per hour.

Whatcom Land Trust

  • Janitorial tasks in the WLT office
  • Assist with basic landscaping tasks around the WLT office
  • Participating in community work parties to restore habitat, remove invasive plants and trees

Bellingham Public Schools

  • One-on-One instruction
  • Small classroom instruction and supervision
  • Assisting teachers

Community Food Co-op

  • Stocking, inventory, and general office positions
  • Cafe and counter jobs

Private High School

  • Program Assistant Position: Support faculty, oversee students, and assist with classwork. Gain practical experience in a non-profit organization in an educational setting.

Local Law Office

  • Paralegal or legal assistant position in a busy criminal law office.

Local Environmental Agency

  • Steam Restoration Assistant: Support staff and organize community volunteer work for stream
  • General Office Assistant: Clerical and filing work assisting restoration coordinators.

Elementary-Level Private School

  • Classroom and office assistant positions in an education environment.

Local Museum

  • Family Interactive Gallery (FIG): Tours for children and parents, supervision of children and exhibit education.
  • Photography Archival Assistant: Filing and data management for photographic exhibits.
  • Exhibit Assistant: Management and organization of museum exhibits, as well as planning new exhibits.
  • General Office Assistant: Secretarial and front desk work, filing, and office tasks.